XOS optics are among the most precise products manufactured anywhere in the world. XOS specializes in the development and manufacture of X-ray and neutron optics for the enhancement of applications, including material composition and thin film analysis; material stress, strain, structure, phase, and texture. XOS is the leading global manufacturer of Capillary Optics (including Focusing and Collimating Optics) and Doubly Curved Crystal Optics which enhance the performance of X-ray and neutron analytical instrumentation; X-ray fluorescence, X-ray and neutron diffraction, and electron beam systems.

Curved Position Sensitive Detector

XRD alignment / calibration standard.

XRD sample holder, zero background plate

HV cable replacement / repair.

Chillers compatible to XRD / XRF.



Glove box adoption & supply of feed through cable , connector for all kind of Instruments.

Floor Model XRD- 3000 , 5000 ,6000

X-Ray Diffractometer from Thermo 

XRD- Floor model  & Table top model

Hardware/software upgrade for Rigaku, Jeol, Philips, Siemens, Siefert X-Ray diffractometers

Upgrades for WD X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer.

XRD Phase analysis, Quantification Software.

High / Low temperature chamber for non-ambient XRD.

Scintillation Detectors, NaI crystal.

XRD X-Ray Tubes, Glass / Ceramic Insulated

Technical Support for all

Table Top XRD - Equinox 100